Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Balance... Made in USA

I recently purchased a new pair of New Balance walking shoes at a local sporting goods chain store. I have been loyal to New Balance for about the past 15 years. After complaining to a friend of mine about how my shoes fit he suggested I try the New Balance and I have been very happy ever since.
Again, recently I purchased a new pair, wore them about a week or so and started having a comfort problem. I was unaware that the number series they use is an identifier of a basic mold. I returned to the chain that sold me the shoes and they said..."can't return worn shoes" regardless of the circumstance leading to the sale(that is a story in itself). I attempted to wear the shoes a few more days but just could not, hurt too much.

Buy Made In America Goods

So I called New Balance. I was greeted by a wonderful customer service rep, I actually thought I could see her smile over the phone, this put me completely at ease. I explained my dilemma and she cheerfully said "if i return the shoes I purchased she will send me the new version of my old shoes".

Too my surprise, before I could get a chance to return my shoes to New Balance a new pair was delivered to my home. God I love American made products. Another fact I found was that New Balance has factory owned stores, and New Balance is a family owned American company. 

The price you pay for quality... great product, great service and keeping Americans working.

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